Have you ever wondered, why the Best in Class products or the latest technology has to be so expensive and seem to be not really worth the price? If yes, then you are not alone.


We started our journey only to answer this question

"Why new technologies to be so expensive that most of us

cannot own it till it becomes obsolete?"


VG is a brand built with the singular vision of

Democratisation of Technology"

Our mission is to make the latest technology affordable
for everyone to use it and experience it.

We realised that to achieve this dream, it is not just our years of experience that will help in building the path-breaking innovation, but also, we need to be nimble-footed like a start up to make it reasonable in terms of value or price.

So why VG as the brand name?

Because we want to be relevant to the Vibrant Generation.
We make products that Value Goodness.
Because we have a Vision that is Global.


Welcome to VG


In today’s world everything is expected to be



The boundary between basic necessities and luxuries is diminishing day by day.

What seemed impossible earlier is now available at our fingertips. This is the magic of technology .


This is the magic we harness in each of our products which allows you to experience tomorrow,today.

With VG get ready to


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